Rev Dr. Ed Nelson

Rev Dr. Ed Nelson


Welcome Message from the Minister

It is my privilege to serve this warm congregation of Christians. We are from more than a dozen different denominational backgrounds but know that fellowship and worship in Christ can overcome the differences we Christians so often set between us. We are motivated by the love of Christ and serve in the community in a variety of ways. With a deep consciousness of the call of Christ to love and to serve, we are involved in service groups both near and abroad.

Our worship is traditional in pattern. We know that worship styles differ from congregation to congregation and respect all forms. We simply feel more comfortable with the worship pattern that has evolved over the years in this congregation. We have weekly Communion to focus anew on the supreme gift of life given in Jesus Christ. The preaching is Bible-centered and life-oriented.

We value the educational experience as well experiential side of the Christian faith. We have a study group on Wednesday from 11am to Noon. These materials are rooted in Scripture but are aimed at increasing our sense of mission and belonging to our Lord. The experiential aspect is met with a weekly prayer times at 11:00 on Thursdays. We never forget the primary reason of our existence which is to pray for our community of faith, our greater community and our world.

I hope that you will consider us as your community of faith and service to the world. Let all be done for the glory of Christ Jesus our Lord.


God bless you and your loved ones,

Pastor Ed Nelson