Mission Statement

Oracle Union Church is a house of worship for people who represent various denominations; therefore, the church does not ask members to subscribe to a formal creed but accepts into its fellowship all those who desire to join in the corporate worship of God, to hear His words for us, to pray for ourselves and others, to partake of the Lord’s Supper, to be involved in other sacraments, to enjoy fellowship, and to grow spiritually in the Christian faith.  We seek to obey the instructions of our Lord, Jesus Christ, by service and example and to be reconciled to God and one another.

The congregation believes that the worship and praise of God is primary to our spiritual health.  We gather as joyful and repentant believers to seek sustenance from the Holy Spirit when we worship together.  We believe our worship services should be responsive to God’s love for us.

Our congregation has a ministry to be concerned with the physical as well as the spiritual well-being of people in our community and especially members of the congregation.  People who are sick, dying, or in crisis situations need our attention.  While it is a primary function of the Deacons to respond to the needs of people, the congregation also will assist them and the minister to meet these needs.