Medical Equipment Closet

Medical equipment is free on loan to anyone in the tri-community.  

We have walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, bed potties, shower stools, and chairs.  If there’s something you need, we’ll try to obtain it for you.

  For more information call 520-896-2544

sss This Medical Equipment Loan Closet has been made possible by donation of, ‘like new’, items by your neighbors, friends and relatives in Oracle.

The building was made possible through the donations made to the family of Jo- Ann Aldridge following her death in 2016. Volunteers that facilitate the loaning, stocking and cleaning of equipment are volunteers and members of Oracle Union Church.

There is no charge or time frame connected for the use of the equipment. We would request, if possible, when you are finished with the items you borrowed to return them t the “porch” of this loan closet and leave a text or phone message with one of the individuals responsible for the loan closet. (names and phone numbers listed at the bottom of page)

If/when you do return your borrowed items please clean them as thoroughly as possible.

If you have medical equipment you would like to donate to the medical loan closet please use the numbers below to contact.

Arun Ankam 520 600 8156

Binky McNulty 520 896 2267

Pastor Ed Nelson 520 784 1868

A receipt for your donation is available upon request.

We do NOT take dirty, broken items, hospital beds or oxygen gas tank.

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